What does Intermundus stand for and what is our goal?

Intermundus was founded for and to some extent by expats. The goal is to create a lasting bond between them and Eindhoven, because Eindhoven is a region with many opportunities as a knowledge economy. There is an abundant presence of workes from outside the region due to the many offices of multinational companies. Intermundus is focussed on making these people feel at home in the city. “We want to keep the knowledge workers here and expand our network. Stefan Schweren, former president of Intermundus: “When a region grows smarter, in a large and growing part due to foreign knowledge workers, it is smart to keep them here.” Intermundus also organizes many activities for expats. In summary, Intermundus exists for and through expats.

Every 2 weeks the group is convened for sessions, discussions and evenings with a special theme. Every meeting also has an informal part, where the group members have a drink together at the Stadspavilioen in Eindhoven. The group is trying to become a member of Lions. The club will officially be chartered as a Lions club when the membership reaches 20. We will be presented by the Lions club from Son en Breugel.


The group

The club’s full name is New Century Lions Intermundus and currently has 16 members, of which about half are from countries as Mexico, Italy, Poland and China. The other half are Dutch. The group has both male and female members and ages range between 26 and 35. The language used at meetings is English.

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