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Jan Martijn

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Stefan Schweren (NL)
Consultant Engineering Yacht
Former President

As a true Brabander, I’ve always lived in or around Eindhoven. I work in the recruitment business, but after work I love spending my time on working with and for people. Whether it’s in singing, rowing or organizing events, I’m there! All this is being done in the Eindhoven area. It’s impossible to look at Eindhoven and not see a vivid and lively community, where nationals and internationals work together. My personal reason for joining Intermundus is to make sure that, next to working together, nationals and internationals will live together more as well!


Indre Kalinauskaite (LT)
Researcher and Designer in the fields of Intelligent Lighting Technology, UX & Environmental Psychology
President, board year 2014-2015

In 2009 I moved to the Netherlands to pursue my master’s degree in Discrete & Applied Mathematics. In half a year I decided to do an important career switch which changed my professional life cardinally and at the moment I am working on my Ph.D degree in a multi-stakeholder project in Eindhoven – De-escalate. Although hardcore engineering and Mathematics will always be in the field of my interest, my focus is human being, his environment and interaction between these two. Thus, using Human Centered Design approach, I work to improve our environment and how we experience it. My interest areas are lighting design and technology, urban studies, architecture and healthy environments. I believe that together we can achieve much more than a single individual, therefore I am always for creating communities aiming to achieve certain goals, which can contribute to society as well as to its individual members.


Inge Reijnders (NL)
Controller Rabobank

From early 2013 I have been involved with Intermundus. I’ve been living in Eindhoven for 6 months and work in Nijmegen at the Rabobank. I like to do sports (running and race-cycling), but I’m also always in for some ‘gezelligheid’.  I was looking for something to do next to my job. A group of people with whom I can have a good conversation and participate in interesting activities. Intermundus crossed my path and up to now I have only experienced enjoyable, memorable and inspiring sessions. I truely enjoy getting to know my fellow Eindhoven citizens and enjoying our cultural differences. It also feels good to me to do something to help the expats who perhaps don’t feel at home yet in this city. Lastly, I really enjoy the other group members: the group is a nice mix with a nice atmosphere.


Bregje van Beckum (NL)
GZ-psychologist / Teacher
Program chair

After being born and raised in Eindhoven, i’ve settled myself in a few other places before moving back to my roots again. Family & friends and my jobs are all over the Netherlands so even for me as an ‘Eindhovenaar’, Intermundus is giving me a goal and a group of friends to stay and feel like home in Eindhoven while all other things are changing. I like the diverse backgrounds and personalities, learn new things and enjoy our activities. I like to help expats to feel the same way.
As a ‘GZ-Psychologist’ I love working with kids and their parents, analyzing their problems, finding their strengths and helping them to grow and go back on the track. Besides that I’m a teacher and bring over my energy and enthousiasm to the students. Everything starts with a smile!


Marjan Sarab  (IR) Flag
Architect, Interior Architect, Urban designer & planner
Communication & Marketing Committee Chair

I came to Netherlands in 2010, after I got my bachelors in Tehran, pursue my master and since then I have been living in Eindhoven.  Currently I work as an architect in Amsterdam.  I am a member of Intermundus since 2013 and it has been an honor to be part of the group as the goal is to help others like myself, not only create a feeling of home and support but simply create a bond and friendship between different cultures and people.  Furthermore, I believe in making goals and working hard to complete those goals, the importance of an unbreakable system of family and friends, and that a good (or bad) joke can fix just about anything.


Vick Tielemans (NL) (nice to show a flag?)
Project Manager Market Research
Service Committee chairman

The Eindhoven area is where I grew up. It’s where I met many great friends for life and learned about my passions for marketing, parties, movies, games and wintersport. Ok well maybe not wintersport. Although my social, cultural and professional life and views have expanded far beyond its borders, this is still where I feel at home. As such it is a privilege to be part of this team of awesome people from around the world, who are also considering Eindhoven their (2nd) home. I look forward to welcoming you here, to share with you why life is good here, and to do my part in helping you build a new life with new friends


Tim Kouthoofd (NL)
Co-owner at Bygg Architecture/Member of Provincial Parliament of Noord-Brabant (local government)
Program Comittee

I have been involved with the international community in the Eindhoven area for quite some time, because of contacts with young international professionals on a personal and professional level. When those same internationals asked me if I wanted to join Lion’s Intermundus, it immediately had my full attention. It is very rewarding to be part of a group of people that take matters in their own hands for the international community and to be able to contribute to that from my own competences. Outside Lion’s I am co-owner at Bygg Architecture in Eindhoven and I have a function as a politician in the local government since 2011, which has taught me a lot about the chances and challenges that we face in the Eindhoven region, also in relation to the international community. Besides, I volunteer in various community projects and organisations in the Strijp-S neighbourhood. I see it as my personal goal to connect those different networks, in order to break down walls and stimulate new initiatives.


Menno van den Berk (NL)
Senior Consultant Tempo-Team Professionals
Communication & Marketing Committee

I live for 13 years in Eindhoven and work for more then 3 years in Eindhoven. My profession is placing and recruiting IT professionals.  Besides this, I have my own foundation for graduated internationals. Since early 2014 I am a member of Intermundus where I feel that everything comes together. In my profession I see many internationals struggling in their new surrounding. This is one of the many reasons why I did choose for the Lions club Intermundus. After a few months it is confirmed we are a very active club everyone has a different background and his own added value what makes it interesting. After every meeting I come home with a lot more energy and inspiration.


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