Our unique service is personal contact. One of our members will become your direct contact, and he or she can already answer questions before you actually come here. We hope to break the ice a little before you get here, because we would be happy show you around in the early days after your arrival. There is no schedule or protocol. Together we will find a day and way that suits you well. We can show you around the best supermarkets near your residence, the hotspots to have fun in the evening, and events to attend to meet people.


Additionally we will invite you to good events in Eindhoven, including our own special evenings. Several times per year we organize evenings with guest speakers on a big variety of topics. You might learn something, but maybe more importantly it is a great environment to meet other people, both local and international.


What do we not do? We unfortunately do not help you with the proper paperwork, setting up a bank account, insurances, etc. Basically all the boring stuff. But we can point you in the direction of those who are well equipped to assist you with all these necessities!


So does this appeal to you? (it should! J) Or maybe you simply have questions about coming to the Netherlands or about Lions Club Intermundus? Please contact us in whichever way you feel comfortable with. You can send any of us a private message, leave a message on this page, or email us.


In the meantime, if you have any questions about coming to the Netherlands or about Lions Club Intermundus, please ask and we will do our best to provide a fitting answer!

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